La légende des vrais macarons de Cormery-en-Touraine // The legend

During the century of Louis XIV, in a little village of France, Cormery, there was a mooring monk. After his weeding, his wife died, however, he never removed his covenant which was a proof of their engagement. This monk was adorable by everyone. there was only one indulgence that he loved : gluttony. One night, he asked God to give him all the resources that he needed to rebuilt the abbey. When he came back in his room, he passed by the kitchen where a friar (baker) was preparing a sweetmeat with almond, eggs, sugar and flavoring.

When the monk put his hand in the preparation to taste it, his covenant fell in.

Then, the mix of this forms dozen of gold circles by the hands of the friar (baker) and those cooked miraculously in few seconds
“God bless ! ” he exclaimed.

This pastery was going to be the symbol of the abbey and they would permit to rebuilt the monastery.
Then the reputation of it browed quickly.

Thanks to them, the monks rebuilt the abbey.

Thereby ( Thus ) were born the macaroons of Cormery in form of ring.